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Home decor is usually a fabulous solution to express yourself and enhance the look of your dwelling. Ge Profile Countertop Microwave Bisque In every single corner of any room it’s fine to use splashes of color, pattern and shapes to dazzle your loved ones and guests. The next article will provide tips on home decor you can utilize straight away.

Be considered a design copycat. When you are trouble uncovering a design idea, look over magazines, catalogs, and so on the world wide web for inspriation. Once you get a design you enjoy, just copy everything they’ve done. Find paint colors, furniture, and accessories that correspond to the graphic. This could accept the emphasize of uncovering a new design and it also guarantees that you end up with a designer look. When generating a bedroom, start using a layering method in the bed. Choose superior quality sheets together with a soft blanket. Next add a nice-looking duvet and also a beautiful silk throw around the foot from the bed. Finish your style off with a good amount of pillows. This makes everyone in the room look elegant and dear. To enhance your bathroom, try adding a brand new touch to your vanity. You possibly can go over simply using paint. You can look at checking out textured wallpapers. A few of these possess some really fancy and modern designs that could add both color and texture in making your vanity mimic new.

When you have a giant enough lounge room to download the furniture away from the wall and make up a more interesting space on your behalf and your loved ones. Putting the items of furniture smack dab on the wall is a major mistake people make if they’re arranging the furniture for their living area. You may create a perception collage almost anyplace in your residense. Use various small photo frames to place your favorite pictures in. Then, hang them on the wall, set them on tables, or the balusters coming down your staircase. Anywhere you can place the photos can be an acceptable method to showcase a picture collage of multiple frames. For anybody who is adding unique, fun or bright artwork for your requirements room for that chic look be sure to only place one piece one each wall at maximum. By trying to improve much to one wall, it’s going to be overwhelming and take off focus from each piece.

Hopefully, this article has gave you garden greenhouses and inspiration will start spiffing the home in new and better ways. Few circumstances are more rewarding than dressing your home up in style along with the right how-to’s boost your protein sleeve, the world’s your oyster as to what you may make.



Its here fellow bloggers and followers… my 100th post. I have not posted for the last couple of days as I was waiting for the perfect thing to blog about to make it a great 100th post. I think I have it… my day at the wildlife park 🙂 So here we go on an adventure through the park… won’t you join me?







And finally the slowest, but one who can win the race…

I hope you have enjoyed our little adventure into the wild. I know I did… Have a beautiful and wild week 😉

(Quiz for the day : Anyone know the move the title came from?)

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We are MapTrotting

The Roman Baths is a must see place when visiting Bath! It has a well-preserved Roman site where you can hear stories about Romans, their beliefs, life and health. It’s such an exiting feeling to walk in the footsteps of our ancestors, to be able to step into the past and see the natural wonders of Somerset.

The Hot Springs form at Bath

Happy Face!

Healing Water – The Pump Room spa water contains 43 minerals, hence it tasted weird and it was quite warm, but I just had to down it all! There was a quote on the wall, I can’t remember exactly what it said, but something along the lines of  ‘if the baths and this water can’t heal you, nothing can!’

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Our Footprints.....

I finally picked up my proofs from the lab yesterday and was reminded of these two pictures with a view.

When roaming the streets of Nice, France, my sister and I turned a corner and wa-bam! There staring at us is a massive Mr. Muscular Statue Man.  How about that for a welcome! Well, I couldn’t help but to snap a picture of the huge statue.  After doing a little research, it turns out this statue (Apollo) was banned for 22 years because it was thought to be too well-endowed and just made its return to the plaza last June. Standing at 21 feet tall, this guy is hard to miss! 

As for this picture, we were walking along the promenade and I found this single umbrella which I wanted to capture so I began adjusting my camera settings. The film camera takes a bit longer because everything has to be manually…

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oh Suzi

I recently had the pleasure to work with emerging Melbourne based photographer Liane Hurvitz for a shoot. I am a fan of her work so I thought I’d share some of my favourites from her current portfolio with you.

Despite a busy schedule I managed to ask her a couple of questions about her photography style and inspirations. Being a complete newbie when it comes to photography, her photos fascinate me! Definitely one to watch.

Where do you get your inspirations from?

I get my inspirations from looking at photographers such as Ruven Afanador, Tim Walker, Bronwyn Kidd and Bruno Dayan (to name a few). Such photographers tend to create works with amazing colours, environments and moods. I enjoy works that are bold bright and eye catching. I find that an image is only captivating when you create something out of the ordinary. Whether that be subject design or movement.

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Leanova designs Blog

This post  has nothing to do with design, architecture, or art all together. I just feel like I need to share.

A couple of days ago I went to dinner at a friend’s home in downtown Chicago. I parked at a meter on a major street (N. Clark for those who are familiar with Chicago). Had a great time, and at 12:40am decided to head back. I opened the door and I was getting in, I stopped, things looked different…




The good news is that only the GPS was stolen, what I couldn’t get over was the response I got from Chicago police. They just didn’t give a sh**! I called to report the incident and hoping that they would send an officer my way. 45 mins later and 2 phone calls to the police the officer I spoke to said that his system was being too…

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